About us

Nehmi IP is an Industrial Property office that has worked with the national and international chemical industry since 2000. Our expertise is reflected in areas such as:
Base Chemistry
Solvents, Varnishes and Paints
Plastics and Silicone
Polymers, Polyamide, Polyester
Ceramics and Composites
Foods and Food Ingredients
Probiotics, Prebiotics and Functional Foods
Fibers, Filaments, Textiles and Non-Woven Fabrics
Cement, Glass
Paper, Cellulose, Cigarette Filters, Viscose
Leather or Wood Treatment
Nehmi IP offers its clients expert guidance on the best strategy to protect and manage innovations, technologies, patents and trademarks.


Among a wide range of services, we highlight the following ones:

Patent and state of the art searches

Consulting on R&D innovations
Prior art searches, invention disclosure, analysis of innovations to determine patentability, level of patentability and strength of invention.

Reports on freedom-to-operate (new products or new processes), i.e., analysis of freedom to exploit innovation in Brazil and/or in other countries.

Competition or Technology Watch Service
Periodic information on new patents published according to clients’ interests.

Technology Mapping
National or international survey of patents on given technologies presented through illuminating reports on technological trends within certain areas, including technologies that may not be exploited or that are free for sale.

Set of Claims
Drafting of sets of claims of invention patents, certificates of addition, utility models or industrial design patens. Revision and rewriting of sets of claims made by third parties.

Patent and trademark filings in Brazil and abroad

Patent application extensions
PCT or CUP, entry of PCT into national phase.

Trademark and patent prosecution with the BPTO

Replies to examiners’ opinions and/or office actions

Filing of arguments for or against the granting of patent applications

Technology assessment and drawing up of reports, including FTO (Freedom-to-Operate), for investment funds, technology incubators or startups.

Agency between investors or investment funds that seek inventors and companies with new technologies.

In-company training or consulting on good practices in IP management, patent searches, drafting of patents, arguments, etc.

Preparation and filing of patent nullity requests (PAN) and analysis of technical opinions.

Out-of-court notices on patent infringement, patent applications, and replies to notices.

Product analysis to ground notices and lawsuits for patent infringement.

Analysis of patent strength for patent infringement lawsuits.

Patent Nullity Lawsuit
Technical arguments, information and patent search, state of the art, etc.

Technical reports on product/process of invention and utility model patents.

Experts for legal cases involving infringement of chemicals and their derivatives.

Technical Assistance in cases of patent infringement.

Preparation of technical questions in legal cases of patent infringement.

Valuation of chemical products and/or processes for optimization of IP portfolio to strengthen industrial property for companies undergoing acquisition, merger or sale..

Information consulting through patent research of new products for research and development areas (R&D).

Courses and Training

Nehmi IP offers Industrial Property education and training courses particularly in the area of ​​patent research and invention patents.

Some of the courses and workshops for 2017:

- Basic Course on Patents of Invention;
- Advanced Course on Patents of Invention;
- Valuation of Innovations;
- Patent Search in Brazil and in the World;
- Patent Writing;
- Technological Mapping;
- Analysis of Infringing Product and/or Process Patent for Preparation of Questions.

Sabina Nehmi de Oliveira

Sabina Nehmi is an information research professional on chemical patents and Industrial Property Agent, with 31 years of experience in patents of invention in all segments of the chemical area, such as: pharmaceutical, veterinary, agrochemical, biotechnology, food, polymers, textiles, fibers and filaments, engineering plastics, silicon, silica, ceramics, glass, paper and cellulose, cigarettes, metallurgy, mining, wood, leather, etc.

She began her career at Rhodia researching information on private access databases and subsequently became a specialist in patents of invention in the chemical area. She currently specializes in patent research. In addition, Sabina Nehmi is an industrial property agent registered with the BPTO, a member of ASPI, ABAPI and ABPI, and also PIUG and CRQ.

Besides drafting patents, patent claims, replies to examination and office actions, arguments for examinations and nullity of patents, she is also a technical assistant and expert in cases of patent infringement. She closely works with chemical companies, universities, investment funds and technology incubators, evaluating inventions and patent portfolios, optimization of protection of innovations, determination of IP strategies, and aggregating information for the correct valuation of technologies.


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